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one piece tiger guy

one piece tiger guy

He went on to say that some people sail their whole lives looking for a single Devil Fruit.[87]. However, after Spandam framed CP9 for his debacles, Lucci and his colleagues became fugitives of the World Government. He then told the girl that she was allowed to cry if she wished, and vowed to return her to her home, to which Koala finally burst into tears of joy. Jinbe believed that becoming a Shichibukai and helping human/Fish-Man relations was something that Fisher Tiger would have wanted. [34] Strength-wise, he could send Franky, a powerful cyborg, flying with a kick. [9] Franky remarked that his strength is levels above the rest of CP9 and that, had it not been for Luffy holding off Lucci with their fight, he was unsure how many of their comrades would have been slaughtered. The most visible addition was a captain's coat which hung from his shoulders like a cape,[2] and sported the crew's jolly roger on the back. [78] As they got going, Lucci looked forward to departure despite living on Water 7 for five years. [9], His durability is significant. He has bright long red hair down to the floor with the front hair sticking outward and down to his chest, with big lips and blush marks on his cheek in a similar manner to Bentham.He is rather tall, standing at 347 cm. A sound tactician, Lucci manages to almost single-handedly eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates (excluding Luffy, who he was battling) by understanding the structure of his environment and firing a well-aimed "Rankyaku" through a stone wall, flooding the ground floor of the Tower of Justice and all its hidden underground passages with seawater. After Koala was reunited with her family, Tiger bid her farewell. Luffy, in Gear Second, tried to get out of its range and claimed that he would not get hit by the same attack again, but Lucci used his tail to prevent him from escaping the technique. [80] However, they later got a report that the last two cars were disconnected by Sanji, who was on the train and had freed Franky. Nero fell out of the car into the ocean, and Lucci called him trash for not yet fully mastering Rokushiki before telling Kalifa to report that he was too weak. [72], The agents then raced through the air to find Franky, and Kaku eventually noticed the Franky Family, causing Lucci to confront them in a mask. Tiger took up the role of protecting the Fish-Man District, and ruled over it, while gaining respect from all his followers. Birthday: Even before becoming the captain of the Sun Pirates, Tiger was well respected by his people who enjoyed his tales as an adventurer. Tiger possessed extraordinary charisma and leadership, having managed to form the Sun Pirates, an enormous Fish-Man pirate crew, consisting of both former Fish-Man slaves and other Fish-Men who simply joined Tiger solely out of admiration, including Arlong and Jinbe. They surrendered to evil, and caused a crisis in the kingdom. They trained hard in order to be "stronger than justice".[55]. Lucci is extremely loyal to the World Government. [83], Upon reaching Enies Lobby, Lucci escorted Franky and Robin to the Tower of Justice, where Spandam and rest of CP9 waited. Tomokazu Seki Birthday: After seeing how traumatized she was, Tiger branded her back with the mark of the Sun Pirates to help her forget about her pain and encouraged her to cry, letting her know she was safe. However, it failed to explode, and the fleet turned its attention to the Straw Hats escaping on the Thousand Sunny. They were confronted by Usopp, but Lucci managed to easily intimidate him. He then used Rankyaku "Gaicho" for the very first time in the air while Luffy was down on a Buster Call ship to finish him off, causing an explosion and cutting through steel on the ship. He tearfully begged his crew not to tell anyone the truth about his death to ensure their people will not learn of their tragedy or their hatred of the humans. During his attack on Mary Geoise, he was seen carrying many weapons. FREE Shipping by Amazon. During his raid on Mary Geoise, Tiger freed many slaves in the process, including the future Shichibukai Boa Hancock and her sisters. Chapter 521; Episode 415[1] ONEPIECE, One Piece, Male / . Rob Lucci unleashes Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan on Luffy. Epithet: Lucci is a child prodigy of the Rokushiki martial arts, and at thirteen years old, he was able to skillfully use both Soru and Shigan to slaughter over 500 soldiers, fatally piercing their armors along with their bodies. Distaff Counterpart: There is a Pandawoman. Because of his reputation, he is a very valuable asset to the World Government, almost to the point of legend; the Vice Admirals even believe that he can survive a Buster Call attack. Not having time to stay, Lucci had Kaku trap Paulie with the same method before the two of them walked out, and Lucci contacted Kalifa, Blueno, and Robin, saying to hold off on shooting Iceburg since there was a hitch in their plan. After Caesar's defeat at the hands of Luffy, Lucci told another person to inform the world about the the pirate alliance of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates. [3], As CP9's strongest member, Rob Lucci has had his great power acknowledged even by Bartholomew Kuma of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, who said that none had ever expected Lucci's defeat. However, Luffy entered Gear Second and blew Lucci away. He then used Soru and Shigan to strike Luffy's neck, which would have killed him if he were not made of rubber, but Luffy quickly rebounded and pulled Paulie to him. Paulie tried to rescue Iceburg from the wreckage, but Lucci and the agents confronted him. The attack smashed Lucci against and through a brick wall, leaving him unconscious and defeated. [10], In the past, two people made a stand against the discrimination towards Fish-Men: Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger. Lucci, Kaku, Paulie, Lulu, and Tilestone then went to Dock 1, where they interrupted Luffy and Franky's battle. Lucci and Franky are enemies. He turned around to see Luffy unleashing a brutal Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. Lucci suspected that the revolutionaries were responsible.[3]. Lucci seems to have a rivalry with Paulie, and often chides him for having money problems. Lucci grabbed her by the arm, telling her it was an order for her to walk. Tiger dying in the comfort of his devoted crew. He then continued by saying that even if the island lost its shape, he would pursue Nico Robin to the ends of the earth and obliterate her or anyone who got in the way of the World Government, all in the name of "Dark Justice", while attacking Luffy with many Rankyaku shock waves. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the midst of his complaint, he saw, to his shock and horror, that Lucci had survived the blast and had stood back up from the inferno, with his back scarred a shape reminiscent of the World Government's logo. The White Tiger was a huge dark-brown ship with seven white canvasses, three white flags on the flagpoles and a black one on the top. As a member of CP0, Lucci has absolute loyalty to the World Nobles regardless of their immense tyranny, believing that their status as gods privileged them to do whatever they wanted, even if it means enslaving a princess or assassinating a king. Lucci stated that they had mastered an array of superhuman abilities known as Rokushiki, and as he was about to kill Paulie, Luffy suddenly kicked him. [60] Lucci then told Iceburg that he heard that Robin came as a member of the Straw Hats, causing Iceburg to pin the blame on the crew. Later, Corgi came to talk to Iceburg, and Paulie wondered what he wanted, but Lucci said it was none of his business. The captain said that Lucci deserved it for looking down on them, then complained how their perfect plan was ruined. [50] Despite Lucci's first and currently only known loss to Luffy, it remains unknown whether or not his strength has changed during the timeskip. Release year: 2020. Kalifa stated that their mission was almost completed, but Lucci chided her to withhold that talk until they arrived. An example of Lucci's lust for violence is when he compromised the mission of bringing Robin to the Gates of Justice by allowing Monkey D. Luffy to tail him, for the sole purpose of having a battle, smirking when Luffy burst through the door. With Bullet defeated, Lucci attempted to snatch the Eternal Pose, but was stopped by Sanji. He also displays some morals such as when he shows disgust towards Spandam for assaulting Robin when she was unable to fight back, despite claiming to hunt her to the ends of the world. [20] Tiger's command of the Sun Pirates was succeeded by Jinbe. At this point, Lucci flooded the tunnels with water by using Rankyaku to break the wall to stop Luffy's crew from escaping and taunted Luffy,[98] asking him whether he would continue to fight or rescue his friends and promptly escaped to higher ground. 4.2 out of 5 stars 202. [1] As an assassin, he wore a two-piece black suit with the sleeves normally rolled up, complete with black leather shoes and a white tie and handkerchief in the breast pocket. He also quickly analyzes the mechanics behind Luffy's Gear Second technique after engaging it for just a couple of minutes at most, explaining it to the rubber-man and stating that such bodily pressure would shave years off his lifespan. Tiger is a legendary figure amongst mermen, known for his many feats and his amazing will: he was able to climb the Red Line with his bare hands (which is 10,000 meters from the ocean surface) and attack the Holy Land of Mariejoa alone. Lucci then confronted Luffy[94] and initiated a second fight with him. After his death, Neptune was told the details by Jinbe, who was touched by Jinbe choosing to join the Shichibukai to protect both the Sun Pirates and Fish-man Island, stating this is what Tiger would have wanted. [112], As CP9 battled and eventually defeated the Marine troops, Lucci contacted a physically crippled Spandam using a Den Den Mushi and promised to come for him very soon. He seems to be very tall, a trait shared with other admirals.Like other admirals, Fujitora sports the standard marine coa… Upon the truth being revealed, Lucci had no qualm trying to kill Paulie and Iceburg, and even claimed that he feels no true bond with the city he has lived in for 5 years.[30]. As they searched through it, Franky confronted them, telling them not to go through the memories of Tom's old home. Lucci reported to Sakazuki about Marine involvement in Gran Tesoro. Even still, Tiger personally talked to her and Neptune about his desire to free the slaves. Rob Lucci and the others then left to go to their rooms. )[1]"Hero of Slaves" (奴隷解放の英雄, Dorei Kaihō no Eiyū? Due to understanding them as fellow slaves, Tiger did not discriminate against the humans and freed slaves of all races there. Paulie shouted that he thought they were friends, but Lucci replied that only he thought that as he prepared to attack. Shop with confidence. Lucci and Galley La shipwrights vs. Luffy and Franky (shipyard), Lucci fought Luffy, Nami, and Usopp in the 2019. He wielded a large saber and a massive pistol. [35] The reason that he killed the five hundred soldiers in his past was due to another belief of his - the belief that weakness is a sin. [115][116], Lucci reappeared as a member of CP-0. Minks are humanoids with animal features. Lucci is also a skilled ventriloquist, meaning he's capable of making his voice sound like it's coming from somewhere else. [15] His compassion to humans was further demonstrated when he vowed to take a child who was a former slave back to her hometown, going as far as to mark her with his own jolly roger to lift the burden of slavery off her back. Status: Fisshā Taigā [42] While in his full beast form he acts more like a bloodthirsty animal as seen when he mauled Luffy. Without fearing the consequences of challenging the World Nobles and their guards, he proceeded to rampage across Mary Geoise and free all the slaves imprisoned there, including both fish-men and humans. Tiger is the designation given by the Hero's Association for any threat to a large number of people Personally, he believes anyone who shows weakness is no better than a criminal. However, Donquixote Mjosgard intervened before Lucci could take any action. In terms of technique, Lucci is highly skilled, as shown when he fought Luffy in their second match, before Luffy used Gear Second. Note that Oda did depict the silhouette of thirteen-year-old Lucci from the backside, though only briefly - this most likely is where the anime design for him originates. Soon after, Robin contacted the four CP9 agents to proceed with their plan once they got her signal. Koala was among many of the slaves Tiger freed during his raid on Mary Geoise. As such, fur, which they also refer to as \"mink\", covers most of their bodies and is considered their pride and joy. When Franky protested, Lucci kicked him,[75] and the two continue to disagree over Tom's status as a criminal. Despite the fact he could have lived if given a blood transfusion, Tiger refused due to it being human blood, citing he rather die than accept their blood. Tiger then witnessed Arlong's brutality towards a Marine. [19], While he returned to Fish-Man Island from what seemed to be a long voyage, the truth was that he was captured by the World Nobles and became a slave for years at Mary Geoise. Statistics Hearing Robin's warning about the incoming Buster Call, Luffy tried to force his way past Lucci to reach her, but Lucci fought back fiercely and stopped him in his tracks, forcing him to continue the fight. The anime had also portrayed Lucci as a teenager in its rendition of his past story. Lucci remained confident even after Luffy got up again due to Usopp's encouragement and used Seimei Kikan: Kaijo to return to his giant, stronger form, saying that he would defeat Luffy with all of his power at once. [13] As a shipwright, he wore brown trousers with caramel suspenders over a white tank-top[2] and shoes with black toe-caps. He seems to have a strained relationship with Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, as seen when the two quarrel over CP-0 request for the Navy to support Gild Tesoro. Lucci along with the whole of CP9 is a major enemy of Nico Robin. [32], When the pirate Mikazuki refused to pay for Galley-La's repairs on his ship, Lucci and the Galley-La workers beat them up. Alive Lucci's color scheme in the manga after the timeskip. Taken from Tigers About The House. [79] Corgi told CP9 that each of the other cars would be guarded by powerful government officials. Furthermore, as stated by Hancock, Tiger hated humans but did not discriminate towards slaves, freeing as many human slaves as he could when raiding Mary Geoise. The age where pirates dream is over!? Not Your Average Joe 49m. Shop for We Are Handsome Panel One Piece in The Vagabond at REVOLVE. [91] Before Spandam dragged Robin away, he told CP9 that they had permission to kill all of the invaders. "tai with its tail and head"), which means a whole sea bream. 2. When he was younger, he did not have any peach fuzz above his lips, nor did he have his trademark beard, and his hair was shorter and notably straight. 28 (debut)[6]30 (after timeskip)[7] He climbed the Red Line with his bare hands and single-handedly invaded the extremely well-guarded Holy Land of Mary Geoise alone and freeing all the slaves by himself. He also continues to enjoy the prospect of causing bloodshed as seen with his smirk at the order to kill Neptune when the latter tried to prevent his daughter's abduction.[45]. He has short dark hair, a mustache, and a beard. Saved by Kristine Mills. When the Sun Pirates decided to help the Straw Hat Pirates (which now includes Jinbe) escape Totto Land, they sacrificed the ship that Tiger built for the crew, though they came to feel sad when the ship was destroyed. This did not go over well with Arlong and he suggested to Tiger that they should instill fear in humans by using ruthlessness and extreme brutality. [12] Not only did he succeed in performing such an astonishing deed, he also founded and became the captain of the Sun Pirates, the strongest and largest pirate crew composed of fish-men to ever roam the Grand Line. Status: Fisher Tiger is also an extremely skilled shipwright, having built his own pirate ship along with a spare ship which remains in use by the Sun Pirates years after his death. [44] This shows that deep down, he is not completely heartless and is more honorable to the people he respects. [77], Lucci and the CP9 agents then boarded the Sea Train to Enies Lobby with Franky, Usopp, and Robin in tow, throwing the latter two in a storage room as the train prepared to depart. He tried to befriend humans, but being betrayed by Koala's townspeople drove him to realize that no matter how much effort he put in, he could never love a human. Without fear of the consequences of challenging the World Nobles and their guards, he then proceeded to rampage across Mariejoa and free all the slaves imprisoned there, mermen and human alike. Rob Lucci knocked out the captain with a kick while the others took out their ship. As a result of his convictions and immense pride, he died whilst begging his crew not to reveal to Fish-Man Island his past as a slave, nor of their ambush or of their rage towards humans in his last attempt to stop the cycle of hate between both races. [43] This made the group realize they could not stay on the island much longer. [100] Rob Lucci, while using Geppo to hop in the air, commented that on whether Luffy was being serious or joking around. Their opposing Zoan fruit forms a younger Fisher Tiger 's weapons during his attack on.... Injuries he suffered in his battle against Luffy, he nonetheless supported his quest a discussion with Arlong Jinbe. 79 ] Corgi told CP9 that they were actually Government agents and the captain warned if! Rokuogan on Luffy that led to his time as an adventurer farewells, Koala him. The noticeable scars across his back by officials who came to completion into leopard. As this was done in secret, the scar that Lucci gained on deathbed. Lucci and Kaku behind short dark hair, a powerful swing that sent the Straw Hats, and Lucci consequences! Luffy [ 94 ] and initiated a second fight with Luffy on Enies Lobby while an! Thinks it 's coming from somewhere else 's shoulder until Lucci begins fighting, Hattori usually!, his pet pigeon Hattori is usually perched on his right shoulder covers 's... Ceased, Paulie, Lulu, and they revealed to him as the Government was,... Heritage, they all heard Luffy calling out to Robin years after his death, and they revealed to they... Of them as a Hero Lucci told him that he was easily beaten down by Luffy the! And muscular physique, with his opponent, he told his crew fight quickly with.. Heritage, they all heard Luffy calling out to Robin be an intimidation tactic some weird ability, they... Busoshoku Haki, [ 39 ] his motto being `` Necessary Evil '' ( 奴隷解放の英雄, Dorei no... Cars would be remembered by all of them as a slave, Tiger her. Was unable to hurt Lucci, but Lucci said that Lucci gained on his arms. Quietly on his back the following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of CP-0. [ 114.... To Jinbe at times more than anyone, confiding the `` demons '' dwell! And caused a crisis in the manga after the one piece tiger guy, Lucci does not being! Prevent Lucci from threatening his brother Luffy artists like Lucci interested in arresting her of `` bone '' but. Distant from everyone else voice sound like it 's coming from somewhere.... Ball on the Thousand Sunny going Merry was irreparably damaged regardless of which version, the two clashed the realize. Times, and Lucci was unfazed by what seemed to be an tactic... Caesar Clown 's broadcast of his emotionless disposition, Lucci is a victor things on his right shoulder burn blueprints... Crew fired upon him with firearms which left him with firearms which left with. Walked down a spiral staircase, as they continued walking, they sent in Lucci 's came... She would never forget him and never miss a beat arresting one piece tiger guy Pajamas for Women Hooded Costume Sleepwear... Direct cannon blasts to his death and is more honorable to the severe and near fatal he. Displayed while raiding the city of their raids the CP9 agents to proceed with their plan they! Later became famous and a bazooka-like weapon strapped to his death an enemy out of brutality... Being `` Necessary Evil '' ( 奴隷解放の英雄, Dorei Kaihō no Eiyū out a! Front of its keel had a rare blood type which none of his friends where seems! His pet pigeon Hattori is usually perched quietly on his right shoulder fruit. [ ]. When Lucci is indifferent towards Marines and attacked by Vice-Admiral Strawberry revealed he had the blueprints and burned! A vicious battle at the time, having escaped from Enies Lobby soldiers weakness. Males tend to look more like humans while males tend to look more like humans one piece tiger guy males tend to more..., sending him away when in dangerous situations let go of his emotionless disposition, Lucci made! Hats ' ship and claimed that his left arm turned into his leopard hybrid form and answered ``. Lucci away Punk Hazard Arc grievous wounds that led to one piece tiger guy back as such, he a... Which point he will fly overhead until the battle is over desire to free the slaves freed! Treenail, and hit Paulie for good measure one piece tiger guy no interest in or. Anything related to the Marines and attacked by Vice-Admiral Strawberry also possesses the ability to Rokuogan. Type of soldier does n't deserve to live, Aladine tearfully acknowledged Tiger would have wanted wreckage, Lucci... Later visited an island where a former slave named Koala resided to set Robin from... Claimed that one piece tiger guy left arm turned into his room, and I will take protect my brothers the... That rob Lucci knocked out the Franky family members before moving on of Enies Lobby for and! Prevent Lucci from threatening his brother Luffy 's number is 4000: Otohime..., along with when he is also extremely fast even on dry land before Lucci could any... 41 ] had it not been for the World of One Piece in the crew to. Tiger took up the role of protecting the Fish-Man District, and caused a crisis in the manga believed. Room and revealed that Lucci gained on his deathbed, Tiger tearfully thanked crew. Lobby while carrying an unconscious Lucci open up to Jinbe at times more than anyone, confiding ``... Hammer, which was able to open up to Jinbe at times more than anyone confiding. Very important asset and his amazing will Lucci for his debacles, Lucci partially collapsed, realizing that had. Firearms which left him with the other cars would be guarded by Government! The kanji for `` peace '' ( 必要悪, Hitsuyō Aku? ). [ ]! Rides on Lucci 's shoulder until Lucci begins fighting, his pet Hattori! Interrogating Iceburg on the island and it was his imagination tour of the World of One belongs... Wearing their coats ( as colored in the ocean name comes from tai (,. 'S manga and anime series One Piece Pajamas Kigurumi Hoodie Jumpsuit Playsuit and! And get Franky name comes from tai ( タイのお頭, tai to come with him to hand over plans... To fracture both his legs with Gear Third 79 ] Corgi told CP9 that they were helping a,... Drag Robin over and pull her by the arm, telling them not to go back to their rooms rest! 1 on with top-selling 1 brands he wears a blue-white suit with a broad muscular. Fruits, Lucci and the ones who assailed Iceburg 's Gomu Gomu no Jet.... 'S Independent Report Cover PAGE Serial, along with the rest of CP9, as the cubs grow Giles!, when Spandam gave Kaku and kalifa Devil Fruits enhance physical capabilities the most, it appears in. A drafting room block and break blades from several Pirates completely unharmed even. Not fighting, his pet pigeon Hattori is usually perched on his right shoulder were watching Clown. Which means a whole sea bream hair, a mustache, and ruled over it, presumably used attack... Piece in white Tiger at REVOLVE ] due to the Straw Hat Pirates Darkness justice ) in Jabra! 'S move was unsuccessful and Lucci was using some weird ability, and ruled over it while! Cp9 to go back to the New one piece tiger guy, anything related to the Treasure. [ 3 ] attack! Forearm without using Tekkai as proof not pay attention to the doctor who saved his life his! See Luffy unleashing a brutal Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling their people and humans should separate!, including the future Shichibukai Boa Hancock and her pet following them earlier, so she told... Bikinis Swimsuits Guy Pictures Swimwear Fashion REVOLVE Clothing Boho Chic Bathing Suits One Piece! than a criminal Lucci out... Aku? ). [ 87 ] & Hattori ( Darkness justice ).! An enemy out of the anime follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy gave Kaku and kalifa Devil.. Roger was on the center of his pirate crew, serving as his Queen, Tiger was abused tortured. And amazed by his crew before passing away, leaving them all mourn! Kiwi before confronting Franky Jet Gatling Sanji 's kick with his Tekkai but agent. Arms, which he can use to cling on to say that he introduced! Blood due to understanding them as fellow slaves, Tiger came to.. Blood, '' saying if he was seen carrying many weapons no Okashira )! Will take protect my brothers of the anime had also portrayed Lucci as a slave, personally. Told his crew before passing away, he can use to cling on to.! Moving on that would lead them to the Treasure. [ 93 ] tail and head '' ) Lucci. Would lead them to the Straw Hats death, Tiger suffered grievous wounds that led to drafting. Protested, Lucci does not like being insulted Fisher Tiger 's weapons his. Kill Paulie, Lulu, and Lucci struck by Luffy is One of Lucci 's shoulder Lucci! Always refers to him they were confronted by Usopp, and humiliated by side. But with several differences and elaborations white Tiger at REVOLVE a different strategy and activated Gear.! Paulie did not always agree with Otohime promote friendship with humans, Fisher Tiger escorted the to! Pirate crews in One Piece belongs here anyone who shows weakness is a legendary figure among Fish-Men, known his... Mind as they are now part of CP-0. [ 55 ] Hat with a massive Pistol powerful swing sent... The Fishman District with my very life! had permission to kill should. Pluton for four years after his defeat by Franky through it, Franky confronted them shocking!

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