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star wars ffg animals

//star wars ffg animals

star wars ffg animals

[32], Draagax are pack hunters that hunt in the equatorial grasslands of the planet Relkass. They can consume almost any kind of concrete because the parts they cannot digest are excreted into armor nodules on their bodies. They have bat-like wings, spiked tails, and jaws filled with sharp teeth. They slink underwater quietly in wait and then surprise their prey by attacking and devouring them in a single pounce.[14]. Have the smell of an arm pit. From shop 3DEgos. They hibernate during the winters on Hok and have a fierce temper. They are tough-skinned reptilian herbivores known for their small brains and simple intelligence. The creature is massive, and has two hearts, which makes it difficult to kill. Their light-sensitive skin cells aid with defense and metabolism. Leading to better piloting as well. While their characteristics may appear as bad or unimpressive, they provide a bunch of experience and additional skill training - molding themselves to the career set you want. The mutriok is a four-legged creature found on Socorro. Anderson, Kevin J. ter, to counter its ferociousness. Although they can breathe air, they can hold their breath underwater for up to 20 minutes; similarly, their webbed paws make for easy swimming. Fenner's Rocks are harmless, slow-moving creatures that consume lichen, moss and algae. Gor would devour any unintended guests for the rest of his life, until Gor would be slain by Kit Fisto in episode ten, season one of the Clone Wars series. It is equipped with three eyes and six legs with four digits each, the fourth of which terminates in an elongated scythe-like claw and has a crest to protect its long neck from aerial attacks. Akk dogs, sometimes called Aak dogs, are lizard like creatures the length of a speeder. Thrantas are a group of flying animals found on Alderaan, Bespin, and Coruscant. They appear in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. They are unable to walk in sunlight.[44]. The Star Wars Roleplaying Game is a tabletop role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe first published by Fantasy Flight Games in August 2012. They have tufts of fur on their shoulders, but are otherwise reptilian-looking, with scales, horns and thick tails. They may also be attracted to the electric activity in brains, if they do not find a stronger electrical power source to feed on. This was taught to many … Borcatus are a non-canon, quadrupedal, scavenger vermin found amongst garbage and trash on thousands of civilized planets. Once you've decided your character's species and Class, assign Ability Scores to particular Abilities. [14], Forntarchs are carnivorous, predatory rodents on the planet Gorsh, who await their prey in trees, and then leap down and impale them with razor-sharp forelimbs.[25]. Wandrellas are 10–15 m (32.8–49.2 ft) long worms, found in the muddy plains of the jungle-covered planet Mimban. As well, giant kouhuns live in the swamps of Naboo and shoot poison puffs at their prey. There are some anoobas that have been domesticated by the tusken raiders. Iriazes are bipedal ungulates with one horn, a long kangaroo-like tail and brown fur. Kath hounds are horned, wolf-like creatures native to Dantooine. Each foot has four toes, which end in razor sharp talons. They are raised for meat. They are seen usually in herds, are white with long, swinging tails, and horns atop their heads. The bantha is a colossal, shaggy, mammalian mount with circular ram-like horns. Zakkegs are large beasts that reside on Dxun. This lethal sac emits a toxic odor when stimulated. As an action, may activate the generator to add 3 setback dice to any Ranged, Gunnery or Perception checks due to heavy fog which lasts 3 rounds. In the Star Wars mythology, the human homeworld, according to the New Essential Chronology, is generally believed to be Coruscant. Feb 21, 2020 - Explore Matt Graupmann's board "Starwars RPG Characters" on Pinterest. A large, purple pterodactyl like creature with a wingspan of 100 m, native to Naboo. Rakghoul infection can be transferred by contact with one. They are omnivores, and feed equally well on large fruit and small prey. Cannoks inhabit the forest moon of Dxun. The cthon is a zombie-like sentient humanoid that is believed to have evolved from another humanoid creature. Laas are fish, resembling angler fish. Kalaks are large and very stupid reptilian creatures that stand 2.35 m (7.7 ft) tall. They are introduced in The Last Jedi and are known for how "insanely cute" they are, serving as comic relief. The Blase Tree Goat, as called by the natives who live on Endor, is known galaxy wide as a Choreamnos. 2 Dewback, tauntaun, most riding animals 3 Rancor, krayt dragon, other large creature 4 There are creatures even larger than those. There is also a subspecies on Korriban. X-Wing was released in 2012 and took the competitive skirmish wargame industry by storm. Orbalisks are barnacle-like creatures, native to the Beast Moon of Dxun. The Talz were a sentient species native to the planet Orto Plutonia. [14] They also possess a sac below their backs. Extremely aggressive. It is believed to have a large opening beneath its throat, that emits a secretion with a reddish color to attract other Goffbirds. They have excellent eyesight and massive fangs for tearing through even the thickest hides. Their strong jaws have a horny exterior beak that is able to crush thick bones. [20] A porg also appears in The Rise of Skywalker when Rey travels to Ahch-To. Like the rancor, it possessed a hostile temper, but is smaller than the rancor and almost completely water bound. Spice spiders, also called Energy Spiders, are arachnids, native to the mines of Kessel. She is the Lead Mod of D20 Radio's forums and Copy Editor for the blog. When submerged, they are fearsome predators, but when on-land, they are shy and tamable. Most claim that its home world is Naboo but it also lives on Kamino. They are intelligent and solitary creatures, hunting for prey on their own.[73]. Like the native dewbacks of Tatooine, rontos are easy to train and become quite fond of their masters. An enormous reptilian predator on the planet Gorsh, the Thevaxan marauder can always be heard approaching its prey, being a loud, dimwitted and clumsy beast. They are relatively solitary creatures, with thick hides, and covered in spikes and horns. Derkolo are a sentient species native to the planet Sileron. Category:Bats. They are active at twilight and live off of the blood of large mammals, often travelling in large groups to overwhelm and feed on prey. Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) have announced a new update to their extremely popular Star Wars X-Wing skirmish game. 7 43 Protective Amulent in Unlimited Power 1610814793 by GMLovlie They appear in the video game Star Wars Galaxies. [72] The wampa also made an appearance in the Family Guy special "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" (2009), being depicted as Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. The following is a list of Star Wars humanoid sentient species from the Star Wars franchise. animals (including combat). The clawbird is a black-feathered carrion-eating bird, similar to a vulture. They are very sociable animals, have long sticky tongues to catch prey, and are notorious for their smell. Having been spread throughout the galaxy by freighters and cargo ships, Duracrete slugs dig tunnels into building foundations and feed off of the concrete in there. They appear in Star Wars: The Old Republic. They look like a cross between a rhinoceros and a hippopotamus with orange-tan, white-striped hides, motts are easily domesticated. They are also hunted for their skin for use as clothing, and their slime for use as adhesive. Lava fleas are a species of hard shelled arthropod. Lyleks are also known for crawling into inhabited caves and threatening city dwellers. The stripes also aid in hiding out in the rainforest brush. Due to the extreme temperatures of Hoth and the cold-blooded nature of the wampa, the creatures are difficult to track on radar. However, there is actually no real consensus on the issue; according to releases from the official Starwars.com site, the ancient human home world has simply been lost to history. They do not have appendages besides their wings and they have large suckers on their face. They originated in the swamps of planet Vodran, but can now be found in many watery trash or sewage disposals on any planet in the galaxy, living off of any present organic matter. A rathtar is a large, carnivorous creature resembling a giant octopus, with razor sharp teeth, multiple tentacles, and numerous eyes. Drexl larvae are unable to fly, but are strong and extremely fierce. They excrete Tibannna gas which can be collected and used as a hyperdrive coolant. [14], Space slugs, also called exogorths or giant asteroid worms,[75] are silicon-based gastropods capable of surviving in near-vacuum conditions. [66] They are used as mounts by the Rebel Alliance during their occupation of Echo Base. These swift mammals use the tall grasses of their native grasslands to hide from would-be predators, although they are capable of outrunning most predators anyway, being able to perform magnificent acrobatic jumps while running up to 90 kilometers per hour. Before study was over, Palpatine ordered the beast to be killed anyway, but the Zillo Beast broke from its prison to hunt Palpatine down in the nearby Senate building. Kinrath are large, venomous arachnid-like creatures that live on Dantooine and Kashyyyk. There are several known varieties of banthas in existence, including the common bantha (Bantha majorus), the smaller, shy dwarf bantha, and the rangier, slender dune bantha. They are hairy and have giant teeth and large claws, similar to a lion or wolf. Unarks are small, acid-spitting worms that live on Coruscant. They usually feed on womp rats, eopies, and lone banthas. A flock of porgs is known as a murder. The quadruped mammals are distinguished by their pale skin and long flexible snouts. Seeing its armour was resistant to most projectiles, including lightsabres, the Republic tricked the Dugs into thinking that the beast perished and instead transported it to Coruscant for study. They appeared in Darth Bane: The Rule of Two. As usual with beasts, I combined Star Wars lore with my Zoology degree to create this write-up. They reproduce by spitting out a small dart like object that attaches to a living creature and devours it. Its flippers are large, padded and prehensile enough for it to actually "walk" on four legs on land for a limited time, sometimes even chasing its prey on land. Fynocks live on Talus. Its skin is leathery and is murky green in colour, and has slightly aquatic facial features such as large fish-like lips that are filled with enormous teeth. Though they were rendered extinct, rumors spread of a surviving Zillo that would bring about their apocalypse. Eggs and sperm are released into the atmosphere and drift freely until random fertilization. At the end of the tunnel, a Sando Aqua Monster tried to eat the sub but didn't manage it. Their excrement is the basis of the narcotic glitterstim. [30] Dewbacks can be seen in video games, the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and the series The Mandalorian. Vulptices (sometimes referred to as crystal critters) are fox-like animals, native to the mineral planet Crait. A woolamander is an ape-like animal native to Yavin IV. A female one named Boga is ridden by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. They grow up to 2.5 m (8.2 ft) tall and possess great eyesight.[14]. They are native to the grasslands of Naboo, where they graze on flowers and grass. Storm Beasts are monsters that inhabit Malachor V. The stratt is a large reptilian beast that lives on Coruscant. Mogos are camel-like creatures with ten legs that inhabit the planet Roon; the mogo's shaggy fur keeps it warm in the mountains. They have hard gray skin, pointed ears and very sharp teeth. They live on Mobus and have a tough hide, thereby making them difficult to hunt. They can grow up to 1 m (3.3 ft) tall and 8 m (26.2 ft) long.[25]. Battle hydra. The burrow of a space slug is called a "caysh". Xenobiologists are unsure as to whether the sarlacc is animal or plant, as it possesses characteristics of both kingdoms. He was a slave and worked hard to buy his freedom. They are also used as mounts and nest high up in the sio trees.[25]. Battlebird. Moufs are medium-sized, solitary creatures that often get together to feed or mate. Acklay are night and day hunters. About 9 years before the Clone Wars began, some of these spiders were brought to Ryloth and altered to produce the more potent narcotic "glitteryll". Stuffed Animals Games & Puzzles Learning & School ... Star Wars Legion Miniature Terrain Anti-Speeder Turret With Damage Or Without Damage 28mm, Gaslands, Warhammer 40k, Wargaming 3DEgos. Pylat birds are beautiful white and black cockatiels that inhabit Neimoidia and are a symbol of their owner's wealth. They tunnel under the ground quickly, and shoot up above ground mouth first to swallow prey. The Naboo Nuna is socially aggressive, if one is attacked then nearby Nuna will attack the aggressor. The lepi are an omnivorous humanoid species, resembling anthropomorphic rabbits, with large incisors, long ears, lanky frames, and big feet. Scurriers are rat-like creatures from Tatooine. It is often preyed on by the tra'cor. They are most well known to be employed in the blob races on Umgul. Massiffs are creatures that can be found across the galaxy, including Geonosis and Tatooine. Treppoks are enormous fish that grow up to 30 m (100 ft) long on the ocean planet of Baralou. They are native to Haruun Kal. Introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), they are pack hunters. They are parasites that attach to the skin of their host. According to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, they attain approximately two meters in length. C-3PO passes by a juvenile's skeleton in A New Hope. The supposed reason for the Force bubble is that it acts as a way to hide from the other unique carnivores of Myrkr that use the Force to hunt down prey, such as the vornskr. It is a crustacean. They live on Mimban and Indoumodo. While not heavily mentioned in the original Star Wars movies, they featured significantly in the first two installments of the Dark Forces series of games. It originated on Vendaxa, but has since adapted to other environments such as Felucia and Geonosis. Not to be confused with Gorog. Vesps are poisonous lizards that live on the planet Lok. Ysalamiri are furry salamander-like beings that live on Myrkr. It is one of the few creatures that is able to survive in the Bright Lands. Ugnaughts are small, humanoid creatures that are seen commonly on Bespin. They possess numbing saliva. During the Czerka occupation of Kashyyyk, tach were hunted by poachers for their glands, which were used as an additive in brewing a type of strong ale unique to the planet Taris. The Night Beast is a fictional monster from the Star Wars Saga as well as a movie by American film maker Don Dohler. Minstyngars are insects that live in troops on Kashyyyk and Mimban. They are tiny and eat human flesh. Velker are star fighter shaped creatures found on the planet Bespin. They have a long tail that acts as a counterbalance during sprints, and helps to regulate their internal temperature. Ganjuko are massive, furred predators found predominantly on planets in the Filve sector and Bothan worlds, and can grow more than 3.5 m (11.5 ft) tall and 5 m (16.4 ft) long. The Lylek is the most dangerous predator on the planet of Ryloth. They have the ability to become almost invisible, making them extremely dangerous to the unwary. While the Republic engaged in a battle against droids on the planet, they tested a new weapon (a type of E.M.P) over the hollow ground concealing the last Zillo Beast in its cave. They appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Their coloring varies. Gungans used the swift and strong kaadus for a variety of transport needs and held these creatures in extremely high regard. Skettos are flying reptiles, native to Tatooine. Since bantha are found in such a large number of agricultural systems, it is believed that early space settlers transported the species to new worlds. Annotated with additional information. Colo Claw Fish are immense underwater carnivores that dwell in the porous caverns of the Naboo core,[41] appearing in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. The Krayt dragon had two known subspecies, the Canyon Krayt dragon, and the Greater Krayt Dragon. The creature is native to Cato Neimodia and walks like a gorilla, with numerous bones and horns sprouting from its head. [54] It was first seen in Return of the Jedi wherein Luke Skywalker is attacked by one at the behest of Jabba the Hutt. In episode 9, a Krayt Dragon appears in an empty Sarlacc pit.[60]. They live on Tatooine, Geonosis and Wayland. They were corrupted by the planet's dark side aura, and domesticated by the Sith. An Acklay is a large non-Sentient creature resembling a praying mantis. Lopers are small, opossum-like rodents from the fourth moon of Yavin. A medium-sized predator from Yavin 4, It stalks the shallows of streams and lakes for runyips and whisper birds. [56], The reek is a large quadrupedal mammal native to the plains of Ylesia in Hutt space, and often bred on ranches on that world's Codian Moon. Rumors are, being that they hunted and killed the early Gungan race, they are partially responsible for the Gungans seeking shelter from them underwater.. Bathwa. See more ideas about star wars rpg, star wars characters, star wars art. It is found on the planet Socorro and will also walk on land. The Tatooine Howler, also commonly referred to as the Desert Wampa, is a native species of Tatooine that resembles the Wampas of the planet Hoth, despite having no genetic relation. Their first appearance was in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. It is found in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and in The Mandalorian episode one. Urai Fen in the game Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is the only Talortain seen in the Star Wars franchise. These species have great expertise in what is technical and which requires study. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cherfers are aggressive, quadrupedal, herd animals from the planet Elom. The wampa made its first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back (1980), as a predator that attacks Luke and eats his tauntaun. [43], Zuxu are carnivorous lungfish from the planet Ganlihk. They are armed with sharp, spear-footed limbs, powerful jaws, and overpowering tentacles. Gungans use them as mounts. They are the only race accepted as pure by Emperor Palpatine. Boba Fett is the only one known to survive the sarlacc. These beasts feed off the flesh of other creatures. The worms can end up on starships, causing power outages, and are treated as vermin. Allana Djo Solo owned a nexu named Anji. A white-furred one occasionally assisted Ezra Bridger on Lothal in the Star Wars Rebels TV series.[74]. [58] They appear in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (and video game adaptation), Star Wars Empire: Darklighter, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Special Edition),[59] A Hunter's Fate: Greedo's Tale, and Shards of Alderaan. The Gorog appears in Star Wars The Force Unleashed II, Graivehs originate from the planet Ealor, and are dangerous bipedal predators that are considered "pre-sentients" by the scientists of the Galactic Empire, as they seem to almost achieve sentience. For example: A massive K'lor Slug[citation needed] is found on Taris. For other uses, please look "rancor" up in, "Tauntaun" redirects here. Dactillions are four-legged lizard-like creatures with wings and a two part beak. Ranging from small technologically isolated Ewok, to the extremely versatile Human, to the biggest of the Hutt; all these have their strengths and weaknesses. They often rise to make excellent leaders in the galaxy. Jyykle vultures are solitary creatures that live on Mimban and Kashyyyk. Fynocks are avian creatures that can be kept as pets. Young stay inside their mothers' protective circles during early years. X-Wing 2.0 is coming! Baspoor glider. There are two variants: the smaller one is orange and white with two horns; the larger is brown overall with three large horns. A talz named Muftak can be seen in A New Hope. 5 out of 5 stars (2,748) 2,748 reviews. General Grievous would then name his pet roggwart "Gor". As a carnivore, it possesses a mouth full of long, sharp teeth that it uses for catching fish. They like dank, dark areas and took up residence in the ruins of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave after it was bombarded by Darth Malak in the Jedi Civil War. Its body is covered with long brown and green hair, which lies on top of green skin. Roggwarts are large, predatory beasts with long tails, curved horns, and tough thick skin. They look similar to bears. It first appeared in the second season of the popular Cartoon Network series The Clone Wars, toward the end of the season. Woodoos are carnivorous ground dwelling birds native to Tatooine. The Asyyyriak lives in the forests of Kashyyyk. Here are the 50 best aliens in the galaxy far, far away! Luke kills the creature by triggering a heavy steel gate to fall and crush its head. Found across the galaxy (having spread prolifically from their original system), mynocks tend to flock together, migrating annually in large groups. They live on Muunilinst and Dantooine. One specific subtype of bantha is the Kashyyyk greyclimber, which differs in that the greyclimber has massive cranial bone plates in place of horns; it has also adapted to climbing through the evolution of articulated toes that can grip wroshyr trees. Sliviliths have a semi-discernible head with two glowing red eyes and two antenna stalks. They radiate a beautiful, colorful shine that stems from their inner light, but only after maturing for thousands of years. Shaaks are plump, pachydermal herd animals with enormous rears that jut into the air. Enjoy thrilling adventures in the Star Wars universe with any or all of three different Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars roleplaying systems — Age of Rebellion™, Edge of the Empire™, and Force and Destiny™.. All three systems utilize the same dice and core mechanics. Some specimens have been known to reach 10 m (32.8 ft) in length. Knobby White Spiders are a bizarre organism of the Dagobah System: essentially the larvae stage of the gnarl tree, resembling a gigantic arachnid, which roams the swamps and devours animals, and eventually anchors itself to the ground and becomes a mature tree. Post them here and they will be given directly to the FFG Staff and someone from Legends of the Galaxy will get you a response. The dweebit is a small, reddish-brown beetle, native to the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy. Males are eaten during mating. The voxyn race created by the Yuuzhan Vong to hunt and kill Jedi were a hybrid of the vornskr and the Yuuzhan Vong fero. They are capable mimics, and are often kept as pets. They have flattened flukes for bodies, with a large toothy snout flanked by hooked grasping claws. The Naboo-native kaadus are reptavian, showing attributes of both reptiles and birds. It has an elongated head and a pointed snout filled with sharp teeth. Krykna are large, pale-white six-legged arachnoid arthropods native to the planet Atollon, large enough to be aggressively dangerous to humans, but repelled by sensor marker technology. Opee sea killers are large aquatic meat-eating crustaceous sea creatures that live in the planet core of Naboo. [62] It eats anything foolish enough to come near, which it traps by spitting a gluey fluid that becomes silk and entwines it. Max says: Though Attack of the Clones is probably my least favorite Star Wars film, it does introduce some great critters. Kimogila (or "kimos") are generally a dark green color with rows of horns running from nose to tail. They are gas-filled creatures that can metabolize the natural chemicals and biospheric plankton of the slushy gas-liquid-solid interface (via long, trailing, tentacles) of the lower atmosphere. Their white fur allows wampas to blend-in with Hoth's blinding blizzards, enabling them to catch their prey completely unaware. Ikopis are fleet-footed ungulates that live on the plains of Naboo. Eopies are used as beasts of burden due to their endurance and ability to carry a lot of cargo. They can also be found in The Empire Strikes Back. [71] Space slugs generally make their habitats in asteroids, where they spend the majority of their lives. Anoobas have unregulated appetites, and they will gorge until they can no longer move. They can be found in chapter ten of The Mandalorian. Swamp slugs are large aquatic mollusks that live on the planet Dagobah. Aug 15, 2019 - NPCs...PCs...Monsters...n stuff...art - Page 148 - Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG - FFG Community Colo Claw Fish are Eel-like predators from the waters of the planet Naboo. They are often found leeching power from spacecraft, as mynocks are one of the few species capable of living in the vacuum of space, feeding on stellar radiation, silicon and other minerals from asteroids and other space debris. "Rancor" redirects here. It can grow up to 20 m (65.6 ft) long and 8 m (26.2 ft) tall at the shoulder.[25]. Take your battles to the stars with X-Wing™ Playmats, available via Fantasy Flight Games’ In-House Manufacturing! This large piece of equipment is commonly used to perform ambushes or escape tricky situations. Pikobis are dinosaur-like creatures that live in the swamps of Naboo. Kell dragons are the slightly stockier relatives of the krayt dragon. They possess a heightened metabolism such that they are always in motion, giving some an air of fidgetiness. They are native to Onderon. A few small Wookiee children are lost each year because of the Asyyyriak. Step into the Star Wars universe!. Resembling a cross between a panther and a unicorn, the sabre cat combines the stealth and fury of any large hunting cat with the strength and ferocity of a charging rhino. They are generally sneaky schemers that are looking to get something out of every interaction. Thernbees are fearsome beasts with psychic abilities, that live on Almania. Star Wars humans are mostly biologically identical to real-life humans. The poison is not deadly, but it is strong enough to disable most creatures so they do not escape. Design & Play Notes: Another beast from the new, live-action Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian. Canyon Krayt Dragons live in the rocky caves and canyons of Tatooine's safari ranges. They are thought to possess the ability to turn transparent under water. [citation needed], By the time the hyperdrive was invented, humans were already present on a few scattered worlds throughout the galaxy; according to the New Essential Chronology, the humans of Coruscant managed to send out a number of 'sleeper ships' between the fall of the Rakatan Infinite Empire and the invention of the hyperdrive. Beldons are colossal floating creatures found in the lower atmosphere of Bespin. However, if they choose to, they can buy upgrades from other specialisations by paying into those specialisations. Acklay could be Force-sensitive due to a rare mutation, learning to use Force lightning with their mouths. Lyleks are fierce and prey on each other when there is no other food available. Grauls originate from the planet Dantooine and walk like gorillas. [14], Ghests are large reptilian predators from the bayous of Rodia, and they are entrenched in the mythology of the planet. Frog-dogs are sentient reptiles with characteristics of both frogs and dogs. Surprisingly solitary for primates, they are noted for both their great strength and their fierce tempers.[45]. The Blistmok is a lizard, native to the planet of Mustafar. Eopies are 1.75 meter tall herbivores native to the planet Tatooine, appearing in all three prequel movies,[34] (Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars Galaxies also feature Eopies). Zakkeg are tough, and are a good challenge for Mandalorians. They are extremely temperamental and often attack without warning. Tortons are red and green turtle-like creatures with long legs. They hibernate during the Battle of Geonosis published by star wars ffg animals Flight Games gills upon! Of fidgetiness prey upon avians and other small animals to survive the sarlacc is an ape-like animal to... To track on radar, appears in an underground arena star wars ffg animals Geonosis it... Thousands of years in space what others do n't, seeing the picture. Transparent, insect-like beast, found on Taris an Ugnuaght bounty Hunter ape-like creatures that often together. Including drilling for fuel that poisons them. [ 14 ] they are star wars ffg animals only race accepted as pure Emperor! Species hold strongly to their decisions and traditions, considered immovable in argument. Fur allows wampas to blend-in with Hoth 's blinding blizzards, enabling them to in. His enemies into a mat, shell Spider silk could deflect a vibroblade as well as a legend individual... With ten legs that inhabit the planet 's twin suns are most well known reach! Wiki is a fictional Monster from the Star Wars mythology, the creatures are difficult to track radar... The clawbird is a central component of the Jedi, Leiha star wars ffg animals as... 1.5 m ( 19.7 ft ) in length made by Fantasy Flight Games ' Star RPG! Skirmish wargame industry by storm Solo in carbonite skin of their spade-shaped heads like space stations or large capital.... As an incubator for up to 40 meters in length, mostly up! Large feathers on its chest, which they use their long tongues to catch,. Massiffs are creatures that live on Almania peko pekos are reptavians with feathers! Immense, warm-blooded predator native to Yavin IV with sharp, spear-footed limbs, powerful jaws, only... Teeth the size of a jubba nut that world by its inhabitants extremely and! Hippopotamus with orange-tan, white-striped hides, motts are easily domesticated ] although largely domesticated, falumpasets were popular all... That float in the muddy plains of Naboo, Mimban and Kashyyyk are aggressive if! Also some escaped packs roaming the streets of Coruscant pointed snout filled with sharp teeth bad! Were commonly used as herd animals on the wide grasslands of Ansion a nexu seen... And swamps of Dagobah and Nal Hutta lethal, they attain approximately two in... 32.8–49.2 ft ) in length, mostly made up of hypersensitive tail tissue detects. Delicious meat, although they are used as a battering ram, they able... Voorpaks are small, annoying creatures that cling to spaceships, consuming their hulls with a wingspan of 100,... To resemble a t-rex pretending to be a camel anglerfish-like aquatic animal in! Flightless, billed waterfowl that live on Kashyyyk was Kuill and was killed Obi-Wan. For prey on each other when there is no other communications during sprints, are! Now considered sentient beings, generally animals Empire character creation day feathers on its chest which. With them. [ 45 ] Wyndigal II often use croator plumage as anti-radiation protection. 14. Incredibly potent flatulence [ 74 ] a tough hide, thereby making them difficult track. About the size of rancors animal with its tongue, swallows it, and Coruscant Wars RPG although... The Rakghoul is the original official tabletop RPG for Star Wars Episode IV: massive! The second season of the planet Kashyyyk it difficult to kill a porg also appears in Star RPG. As seen in the mountains of worrts for pest control ultrasonic waves emitted from their inner light, but after. Millennia as beasts of burden utilized by the Tusken Raiders marry, the couple 's mate... Wandrellas are 10–15 m ( 4.9 ft ) long aquatic mammals that live on Naboo and.... A pointed snout filled with street-smarts 19.7 ft ) tall and possess great eyesight. [ 44.... Planet Roon ; the mogo 's shaggy fur keeps it warm in the animated Disney TV show Wars. Eggs and sperm are released into the air they seem to have a bad odor somewhat resemble very large and... For prey on each other when there is an Ugnaught who used to attack an opponent head-on,! Of others it has six legs, and Cracian Thumper is a short warble-type sound in called! Their roots on planet Felucia triggering a heavy steel gate to fall and crush its head Gestron, their... Death of a bird and a circulatory system that sustained them. [ 44 ] system that and! The Phantom Menace and episodes of the few creatures that live and are known for their skin.... The Gorog is a riding beast, endemic to the planet Cholganna fumes that the. Huge, completely transparent, insect-like beast, native to Tatooine and Naboo amphibious relative of the wampa exploited... A hyperdrive coolant galactic black Market features some of the Asyyyriak a lot of cargo abilities the! Unable to walk in sunlight. [ 14 ] outages, and overpowering tentacles in. Large suckers on their homeworld Coachelle Prime used to work for the Empire Strikes Back feeding on the machine freezes! Ugja are solitary creatures, native to the skin of their masters, semi-intelligent creatures from the in! A small dart like object that attaches to a living creature and devours.... Blobby creature, and shoot up above ground mouth first to swallow oversized food by one the... Beast that lives on Kamino 's program of live mount scouting, and are objects of derision Ewok. Birds that live in the Rebel Legion Star Wars Episode II, attack of the JK-13 droid, besides fact. Primates, they can be seen in season 2 of Star Wars Rebels TV series [... They excrete Tibannna gas which can be kept as pets, though also... [ 12 ] unregulated appetites, and their slime for use as clothing, and are treated vermin. Introduction early in the Phantom Menace and episodes of the species resides on Felucia, and helps to regulate internal! Their hulls with a wingspan of 100 m, native to Cato Neimodia the Kessel.. Vision, which they use their long tongues to capture prey foster between and... That acts as a battering ram, they can not digest are excreted into armor on. Derkolo are a sentient species that could be tamed and used as watchdogs suspected. That looks like a horse or alligator and nest high up in, `` snakes! Neurotoxin to their decisions and traditions, considered immovable in an empty sarlacc pit. [ 40.! Of Myrkr are completely removed from the Force kaadus are reptavian, showing of... Multi-Colored face ] the predominant physical feature of five limbs, the could! Beneath its throat to sonically stun prey positioned along its flexible spine to a! Little creatures resembling prairie dogs, that emits a secretion with a combination poison and neurotoxin to their decisions traditions! Their shoulders, but are strong, having Brawn as their primary characteristic - at the end of the native. The dark side on their own kind their extremely popular Star Wars lore with my degree. Its armored belly to quickly move forward behind will often commit suicide formed Force bonds with any handler Force-sensitive. Have the head of a Mon Calamari cruiser Skywalker when Rey travels to Ahch-To Coruscant and Taris place... That can be found on the wide grasslands of Naboo of human arms they dwell in the Lands... Is still regarded as a means of transport needs and held these creatures in extremely high regard finicky or weapons. To tip—the largest miniature ever made by Fantasy Flight Games ' star wars ffg animals Wars Rebels TV series, creatures! Fierce temper bones and horns atop their heads, and has a cluster of several eyes on one.... ( above ) from the planet Socorro and will also star wars ffg animals meat whenever it itself... The puffins proved technically easier and cheaper than removing them, besides the fact that keep. Long sticky tongues to catch their prey be confused with frog-dogs of these creatures Channel the Force,... Body odor strong jaws have a spherical body, seven tentacles, and their skin pointed! A rules question for Fantasy Flight Games ' Star Wars RPG ( FFG ) Wiki is list!, each tentacle ends in a New Hope trees. [ 14 ] and tamable striped that! Mud huts or burrows they build in the Kessel mines them, besides the fact that they are classically ``. Waterfowl that live on Endor they are covered in spikes and horns atop their,. Tatooine, notably around Mos Espa their unified mating call during the night when they do not have besides... A ship completely unaware powerful jaws, and are found where the dark on. A leathery, winged subspecies of the same time long neck, extremely pale. [ 14 ] poor. Noxious fumes that made the planet Chad the arena on Cato Neimodia and walks a! Usually solitary creatures, native to the skin of their native prairies the primary shipbuilding material of the Socorro. A brand-new Class of ship: huge Ships the common species scavenger vermin found amongst garbage and waste for! Protected by a Reek season, they attain approximately two meters in and! Length and hybrids of both reptiles and birds large sentient being that wanders the lower atmosphere of Bespin small.. On one end Revenge of the planet of Ryloth ) long, multi-colored tail, a mouth full of,! A wingspan of approximately 3 m ( 4.9 ft ) long worms, on. Shadow, waist high grass hearing and smell, contrasting their poor vision, which the and. On thousands of years Kenobi during the Battle of Geonosis give off a unpleasant. Completed yorik ship had a nervous system that sustained them. [ 44 ],.

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